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Purpose to Performance


Companies and Leaders who are purpose-driven are outperforming their peers and feeling good about it.  The story of these companies drives customer loyalty and employee engagement, and attracts and retains the best talent.  The authentic presence of these leaders inspires others to follow and be their best.



  • Solutions to immediate challenges

  • Strategy for sustainable freedom and fulfillment

  • Clarity, Focus, Grounding


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Nathan Shultz, Founder

Nathan helps founders and C-level executives make high impact growth in their life and career path by bridging purpose and profit. He specializes in Vision & Strategy, Leadership, Team Dynamics, and Performance. Nathan has spent the majority of his two decades business experience in general management and marketing, from leading $500MM brands with $60M budgets at Kraft and Dannon to helping a private brand turnaround and exit.


After searching for and discovering purpose in his own life, he transformed his career path by founding ELEVATE to help leaders and businesses do the same.


He holds at BA from Northwestern and an MBA from University of Michigan. He is a certified CTI Co-Active coach(CPCC), certified yoga teacher, and founder of a men’s group recently featured in the New York Times and GQ magazine.

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Nathan knows exactly how to bring out the best in all of us. He holds a space that has not only fostered some of the most significant breakthroughs for me and my co-founders, but one that also allows for incredible introspection by each of us as individuals. Whether you are looking to learn as a leader or to grow as a group, Nathan is definitely the man for the job. 


Spencer Price, CEO and Founder, Halla

After working with Nathan for 6 months, we both observed a meaningful shift in my leadership style, communication, and conviction. One of my investors called attention to it in each of our monthly 1:1s and a peer in our portfolio began asking herself, "What would Alyssa do?" when she faced a challenging decision. I came to Nathan with goals to strengthen my ability to provide direct, constructive feedback; to make swift hiring (and firing) decisions; to become more focused in choosing and committing to only a handful of the ideas that inspired me regularly; and to balance both compassion and strength in leadership. Those goals were achieved and then some. Each step of the way, Nathan offered unique perspective rooted in his experience in the corporate business world and his commitment to purpose, passion, and presence. If you are a founder or a senior exec and you have an opportunity to work and grow with Nathan, jump on it! 

Alyssa Petersel, CEO and Founder, Forbes 30 under 30, MyWellbeing

I recently completed an engagement with Nathan and it was an incredible experience. I have been at the same company for 7.5 years and feeling like I wanted a change. By working with Nathan, I realized more about who I am, where my skills are and more importantly, where my weaknesses/vulnerabilities are and able to work on them. It came down to fear of a lot of things, mostly failure, that all of us experience and was a great challenge to push myself towards my true self and finding feelings of fulfillment. Through this I realized that I don't need to leave the company I have been with for all of this time but rather using my resources and skills to carve out my own role that allows me to create. We worked on connecting my mind and body together and creating a morning routine that establishes good habits to start the day. Also, there were some great book and meditation recommendations to help reinforce this positive learning. I never felt pushed one way or another by Nathan but rather guided at my own pace towards what I feel to be a solution to create more happiness. Thank you Nathan and I look forward to working with you again soon!

Joseph Ottenstein, Business Development Manager, Insight Global

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