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Purpose to Performance


Companies and Leaders who are purpose-driven are outperforming their peers and feeling good about it.  The story of these companies drives customer loyalty and employee engagement, and attracts and retains the best talent.  The authentic presence of these leaders inspires others to follow and be their best.


driveN BRAND strategY

Tell the story of your company in a powerful way that uniquely expresses your values and impact.  Back it up with breakthrough programs that will engage employees and customers.




Lead yourself and your team stronger rooted in your authentic self and values. Develop self-awareness and presence through leading edge tools.  



Go to the next level with Vision and Strategy Planning, Performance Strategies, and Leadership Style development using renowned industry tools and frameworks.  


Nathan Shultz, Founder

Nathan Shultz has spent the last 15+ years dedicated to helping companies ignite growth as a management consultant and consumer products brand professional.  He has worked with global multinationals like Goldman Sachs and Kraft Foods as well as family companies and start-ups.  He has helped grow handfuls of brands from megabrands Crystal Light and Stonyfield Yogurt to small brands like Tasty Bite, recently acquired by Mars Foods.  Whether acting as a consultant or Chief Marketing Officer, he has led in various capacities – crisis stabilization, from good to great, and total transformation.  


Nathan’s coaching is the most amazing revelation I’ve experienced as a leader and an executive. His ability to coach, mentor and model has been instrumental in growing our business, culture and values.  Primary and it’s success can be directly tied to this conscious forward approach!


Brian Hain, Co-founder, Primary

Nathan’s true strength lies in being able to see and hold the entire person. He translated my inner desires, and dreams  into the foundation, practice and essence of my business. He has helped me to weave the fabric of my heart and soul into a business that I am thrilled to grow every day. I know where I am going and how to get there. The fear and blockages have been removed and I face each day with gratitude.

Zach Dacuk, Wellness Entrepreneur

Nathan's knowledge of how to brand and scale a business is very well articulated.  A true professional that brings a holistic approach and is very authentic.

Tina Sodhi, Partner, Private Equity